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Why Rick Koekoek?

The Experience

It’s all about making the impossible possible.

He believes that the only thing we have is this present moment and experience.

“So when we spend 1 minute together, let’s make something beautiful out of it 🙂 ”



Rick knows how to mesmerize the audience like no other.


With his playful, adventurous, and inspiring approach, he creates a unique experience where the audience becomes part of the shows.

What Others Say

“With his background as a former UCI MTB Trials World Cup runner-up and Guinness World Record holder for bunny hops, Rick amazes his clients and partners.”


“‘Rick is humble and world-class,’ Brian Rose – CEO London Real.”

Showreel - Make the Impossible Possible


Brian Rose Founder of London Real Podcast

I knew right away 'Rick is humble and World class'. He is sitting on so much value that changes people's life's

Koen de jong Author / Wim Hof - Koud Kunstje

After seeing a video of Rick riding a skyscraper in Hongkong, I said this guys is crazy! After our first conversation i under he has a lot of knowledge to share and is loving life to it's fullest.

Don diablo World class DJ

We all have our own story. Rick showed me that limits like fears are often a illusion. Rick Worked together with Don on a video project and there video made over 24 million views in one year.

Tailor-Made Shows

From vibrant galas and impressive trade shows to inspiring board meetings and dynamic conferences, his shows will leave you speechless and create an unforgettable impression. 

We are ready to assist you and look forward to creating a fantastic event together!

Get in Touch

Do you have any questions, want to book a show, or just want to say hello? We would love to hear from you! Contact us using the information below or fill out the contact form. 

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Balancing on the Edge of Amazement 

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