Rick Koekoek

  • Adventurist
  • Professional Trials Athlete
  • Performance Coach
  • Filmmaker

Rick Koekoek

About Rick

It all started when...

Rick as a small child flew through the air on a tricycle, high above the tree tops. After all its no coincidence that he carries the name Koekoek, meaning bird in Dutch. He really is "the Flying Dutch Men". His father who has been Dutch Champion in motor trials would take him with him in his van during the weekends searching for new places to ride. Rick is currently Dutch Champion in bike trials and has been in the world top three for over a decade. Multiple titles and Guinness World Records later Rick now travels further afield. With a sense of curiosity and adventure, the entire World is his playground; Leaping off rooftops in Hongkong; Flying over ancient monuments such as the Great Wall of China; He constantly pushes the limits and challenges the status quo. His motto being: nothing is impossible!

Rick's brings his playful energy to live events, online webinars and workshops inspiring a global audience. The energy is transferred to the audience through equal measures of power and balance with precision and humour. The seemingly impossible stunts makes you smile and speaks to the inner child within everyone of us. It can only described as a celebration of life; connecting, motivating and inspiring his audience. With the bike as his medium he shares his passion and hope to all that anything really is possible! As a co-founder of the Life-X Academy, a platform with the aspiration to share the knowledge and the tools that have helped him perform at the highest level. Workshops are offered at the HQ: the Taiga school, located in one of the most beautiful locations in the north of Finland. Currently ongoing projects include collaborations with artist and designer for new event concepts and a documentary film is in the making.

Nothing is impossible
just imagine.