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Brian Rose,

London real.tv

“I knew right away Rick is a humble dude but World Class. Rick is sitting on so much value to share with the people who want to learn and it will change peoples life’s.“

“Good luck to him and let’s do some big things together!”

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Koen de jong,

Author Sport rusten.nl

”The human body is already special anyway, but Rick is a very special specimen.”

Rick is one-of-a-kind and goodhearted.- A special combination of curiosity, discipline and very warm and sympathetic. Whatever you do, you want Rick to be there with you along the way.
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Don diablo

World class DJ

We all have our own story.

A view years ago i grew up in a small village together with my mom and dad. As the years go by I started dreaming about traveling the World and sharing my music with people all over the planet.

while i was working hard achieve my goals and chase my dreams, somewhere in a village close to mine there was a boy named Rick Working hard to achieve his dreams some may call him crazy others may call him brave.

All i can say is that Rick showed me that

limits like fears are a often a illusion